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HCT-6) CleanOpsStaff justDoNext Data Import Wizard Upgrade

(For CleanOpsStaff-3ed)



Convert and import external inventory data from Excel spreadsheet into CleanOpsStaff! Save time and money by eliminating the need to re-type data that already exist in electronic form.

 New Feature 2-5-2017: The Data Import Wizard now let you copy space inventory data from an excel spreadsheet and paste it directly into CleanOpsStaff-3ed without going through the conversion process. 

NOTE: Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase, however, if your purchase is at least $375.00 you can email a Purchase Order to ernesthunter@gmail.com or Fax a Purchase Order to 208-361-9405 if your organization does not use credit cards online.

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You must first purchase a CleanOpsStaff Product Code from the APPA Bookstore and activate CleanOpsStaff before you can activate the fully functional CleanOpsStaff justDoNext Data Import Wizard 

A demo version of CleanOpsStaff Import Wizard is now included in the CleanOpsStaff-Demo and CleanOpsStaff-Full versions for demonstration, training, and evaluation purposes only.

You may experiment with the demo version immediately to decide if it will be useful to your operations.

See the CleanOpStaff-3ed-justDoNext Import Wizard Help document for more detail of the ProScheduler capabilities.


  1. Convert external inventory data that already exist in excel spreadsheets to CleanOpsStaff data file format using a justDoNext wizard
  2. New Feature: Copy space inventory data from an excel spreadsheet and paste it directly into CleanOpsStaff-3ed without going through the conversion process.
  3. Use color coded Red, Yellow and Green command buttons and SmartNext button that guide you through the process by simply clicking the SmartNext button
  4. Import multiple records from within worksheets within an external data spreadsheet
  5. Automatically convert your existing space/room name to APPA-CleanOpsStaff category names using keywords
  6. Easy click-to-select "SpacePicker" input tool for entering Category Names and Cleaning Levels in the inventory worksheet and in the import wizard
  7. Export CleanOpsStaff inventory data file to normal excel spreadsheets
  8. Export CleanOpsStaff partial inventory data file to normal excel spreadsheets
  9. Edit CleanOpsStaff Data in the Wizard to copy and paste multiple CleanOpsSaff-3ed records
  10. Automatically convert space cleanable units from Square Meters to Square Feet and from Square Feet to Square Meter -- especially useful for our Canadian customers and for data exchange between users on the two different systems of measurement
  11. Serve as a data input interface that make more use of the native Excel spreadsheet environment.