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(HCT-10) ProMobile-PDA ($75.00)

Activate ProMobile-PDA on one PDA or Windows Mobile Device.

(For CleanOpsStaff-3ed) 

 Use your PDA or Window Mobile Device with CleanOpsStaff-3ed to conduct your cleaning audits and inspections; and to collect/verify your space inventory data. Save time and money by using your PDA with CleanOpsStaff to more quickly conduct your cleaning audits and inspections and collect and verify space inventory data. We use the term 'PDA' to refer to Smartphones, Pocket PC's or other held devices running under Windows Mobile operating system.

NOTE: Credit Card is the preferred method of purchase, however, if your purchase is at least $375.00 you can email a Purchase Order to ernesthunter@gmail.com or Fax a Purchase Order to 208-361-9405. If your organization does not use credit cards online.    

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Enter Product Code or Email


  • Activate CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile-PDA on one PDA
  • Download APPA cleaning audit/inspection sheets for 200 rooms to your PDA and record the results of your inspection on your PDA
  • Easily upload audit/inspection results from your PDA to CleanOpsStaff-Pro on your PC/Laptop
  • Download 200 space inventory records from your PC/Laptop to your PDA
  • Use your PDA to collect and verify space inventory data and easily uploaded the verified data to CleanOpsStaff-Pro on your PC/Laptop
  • Adds a fast efficient way to export and import partial space inventory data.


PDA Device is not included. Customer must provide own PDA Device

CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile-PC must already be activated on the PC/Laptop for the CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile-PDA to interact with the PC/Laptop. Click the Buy ProMobile PC/PDA link in the left panel of this web page for details. Once activated on a PDA, CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile-PDA will work with any PC/Laptop on which CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile-PC has been activated.

A demo version of CleanOpsStaff-ProMobile accessible for free when running CleanOpsStaff-3ed in Demo Mode and  in Full Feature Mode for demonstration, training, and evaluation purposes only. You can run CleanOpsStaff-Promobile-PC on your PD/Laptop and you can install and run CleanOpsStaff-Promobile-PDA on your PDA in demo mode to ensure it is compatible with your PDA before purchasing the upgrade (Hunter Consulting and Training is not able to process refunds). You may experiment with the demo version immediately to decide if it will be useful to your operations.